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NatureMapr is a wonderful citizen science data provider, born and bred right here in Canberra. Citizen science records uploaded to NatureMapr are responsible for the identification and rapid control of invasive species across the ACT, as well as the documentation of new species and endangered populations that we are working to protect. Thanks to a hard-working team of volunteer expert moderators, NatureMapr ensures conservation land management decisions in the ACT are based on the best available data.

Bren Burkevics, Executive Group Manager and Conservator Of Flora And Fauna
Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT Government

One of the key features of NatureMapr, compared to other Citizen Science platforms, is NatureMapr’s reliance on experienced and expert moderators to confirm the identification of a record. This is important for three main reasons:

  • Ensuring native plant and invasive plant look-a-likes are not confused
  • Achieving higher data quality for planning control of invasive plant species
  • Maintaining data quality for rare or threatened native plant species locations

Steve Taylor, Manager of Invasive Plants Control Program
ACT Parks & Conservation Service and ACT Biosecurity use of NatureMapr for the management of invasive species

Why partner with NatureMapr?

NatureMapr provides government with the following benefits:

    • High quality, expert-curated biodiversity data
    • Accurate identifications by expert moderators of invasive plants, including new incursions
    • Assessments of emerging invasive plant issues, e.g. sleeper weeds
    • Assessments of the highest risk invasive plants
    • Background information on species, informing management decisions
    • Full Australia wide coverage
    • Automatic alerts for high risk species – essential for early detection and rapid response
    • Integration of NatureMapr data with ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online
      • Field Maps app for Treated and Not-treated weeds maps, as an additional map layer (a unique capability that has improved weed management)
      • Photo point and ID links from NatureMapr in the comments fields of ArcGIS Online - Field Maps app polygons
    • Engage with passionate citizen scientists in your local community
    • Build up and promote automatic field guides for parks and reserves

High quality biodiversity data feed

NatureMapr is a leading biodiveristy feed provider that acknowledges the importance of high quality ecological data, informing government decision-making.

NatureMapr's database is Australia-based and maintains confidentiality of sensitive sightings through a sensitive species safeguarding framework.

NatureMapr's data undergoes a trusted curation process, involving experts who are suitably qualified or experienced with each sighting's species or local habitat.

The following links provide further detail regarding NatureMapr's protocols:

NatureMapr can also supply high quality biodiversity information directly to government as a one off request in accordance with RASD.

Support home grown

NatureMapr is an Australian made and Australian owned innovation that is prioritising Australian conservation and the collection of high quality biodiversity information for informed government decision making.

Join the growing number of leading government agencies who are changing the way they work by ingesting high quality, expert verified citizen science data as a NatureMapr government partner.

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