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Hi there, I am a student, orchestral musician, and nature-lover who has been slowly becoming addicted to CNM since 2020. My main interest (and area of expertise) is plants, you might see me moderating here and there, but to be honest I photograph anything my camera will focus on, which really lends itself to a great sense of discovery. I am particularly fascinated by the ACT's high altitude flora and this passion, coupled with a love for mountaineering has taken me to some incredible places (Mt Namadgi, Mt Bimberi & The Sentry Box to name a few). My current mission is climbing every peak in the ACT over 1700m (so if this is something you are interested in pls get in contact :). Lately, I have acquired myself a moth light and I must say that has become fascinating as well. Happy Nature mapping & Enjoy the rest of your day. Cheers. Ciaran :)

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